problem identification

(listen and attention)

Tasks are recorded and documented in a structured manner.

In detail:

  • Analysis and documentation of existing equipment

    One of the main tasks is often the interviewing of employees with special knowledge of the processes. In many cases, complicated analyzes can be simplified.

    In principle, after consultation, we make sure that the later system operators are involved in the planning phase at an early stage.
  • possible reading and interpretation of obsolete systems (programs)
  • and much more


(Your description of requirements)

In the  specification  Your requirements are described, that all of the claims.


The creation of a specification is carried out by the operator (client). In principle, the tasks are presented here. This is not the default of implementation.


We will gladly assist you in the preparation of a specification.

Specification book

(our description of the solutions)

The  specification  sheet contains the concrete description of our solutions / implementation of your requirements. We proceed according to the inclusion and exclusion principle.


The creation of a specification is done by us. Here is shown what and how should be implemented.

After the joint signing of the specification, the implementation takes place.

It forms the basis of the following decreases (FAT, SAT, ...).

The better the specification describes the solutions of your tasks, the more effective and cost-effective the further work will be.

system selection

(according to your requirements)

We are happy to assist you with the system selection.

  • suitable controller (s) (PLC or control system)
  • suitable bus connection
  • suitable HMI (or SCADA system)
  • matching BDE (for historical record)
  • suitable connection to higher-level systems incl. coupling
  • and much more

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