The beginning:

The company was founded in 1996 as an independent and independent engineering office by Manfred Ernst (Dipl.-Ing. FH).
Manfred Ernst was initially able to handle the first large orders in the area of ​​process engineering.
Meanwhile, a team has emerged and the tasks have grown. We look after projects for different industries and countries.

Our core activities are

  • process analysis
  • consultation
  • project management
  • process Automation
  • control technology
  • security technology
  • network technology
  • Data Acquisition
  • Commissioning in Germany and abroad
  • service

Our common systems

  • Siemens:
    TIA Portal / Simatic Step7 (both incl. FailSafe and Graph 7) / Simatic Step5 / WinCC (SCADA)
  • HIMA:
    SILWorX / ELOP2 / ELOP1
  • GE-Fanuc:
    iFIX (SCADA)
  • DataForum / VIDEC:
  • 3S-Smart Software Solutions:
  • Mitsubishi Elektric:
    GX-, IEC, PX-Developer
  • Beckhoff:
  • CTC-Parker:


Our engineering covers the collection of problems, the compilation of specifications and functional specifications, functional and program schedules as well as implementation, testing, commissioning, optimization and documentation.


In addition to the core activities described above, we can provide you with a wealth of experience in the following areas:

  • Analysis, advice and development of process technology in the following areas:
    - Liquid metal furnaces for aluminum processing
    Heat treatment furnaces (eg roller hearth, chamber and deep furnace)
    -  Wastewater treatment plants (including membrane filtration, etc.)
    - Combustion with associated control (s) (eg via load point method for the fuel / Air ratio) with monitoring
    - logistics with material tracking / handling
    - crane technology
    - and much more 
    with international experience (in the languages: German, English, French)
  • Connection of databases (eg merchandise management systems), system setups with regard to automation systems
  • complex development and implementation of control and process functions (e.g.  map-guided temperature control)
  • project management
  • Recording and Documenting "Druid / Insider Knowledge"
    (This is especially important when analyzing and documenting existing equipment.) One of the main tasks here is often to interview experienced staff with special knowledge of the processes, in many cases simplifying complex analyzes become.)

Listening and attention

We record the upcoming tasks in person in a personal conversation with you.

Because only a direct exchange, characterized by trust, humanity and fairness, enables a long-term, partnership-based relationship. This type of communication is a fundamental building block of our corporate culture.


Sound advice in the field of automation technology requires professional and social competence. We cover problems across the board. With the experience from a variety of different projects, we can look beyond the "box" of the tasks. Together with you we consider all meaningful steps and face possible solutions to each other.

In this way, uncertainties can be identified at an early stage and future-oriented solutions can be created.

lateral thinking

Thinking outside the box is often necessary to create solutions tailored to your needs. With a lot of project experience, overview and a big dose of curiosity, we deal with your task. It often takes unusual and very creative processes to develop a tailor-made solution. When we think "around the corner" and take all aspects of the task into account, technically sophisticated and functional solutions emerge.


Quality is very important to us. Together with you, we define the quality requirements, define standards (eg typicals) and plan necessary measures. Compliance with quality is consistently checked throughout the project. This is the only way to get a result that guarantees maximum efficiency, safety and availability.


On-time delivery is a promise that we absolutely want to redeem. Because we know about the importance of a reliable project management. For us, this means precise, conscientious planning, constant control and reporting, and a realistic assessment of tasks and times, so that your production continues to run smoothly.

Das Team

We are always at your disposal if you have any questions
Manfred Ernst
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Manfred Ernst
Heide Ernst
Heide Ernst
Stefan Ries
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Ries
Dennis Pötzinger
Dennis Pötzinger
Markus Lapoehn
Markus Lapoehn
Johannes Ernst
Johannes Ernst
Auszubildender Kaufmann für Büromanagement
Kai Mallmann
Kai Mallmann
Auszubildender Elektroniker für Automatisierungstechnik
Veit Lutterbeck
Veit Lutterbeck
Software Entwickler | ITA